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VIDEO: The Mycenaean Acropolis along with Grave Circle: Royal Tombs and Treasures of Ancient Greece

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David’s Been Here Requires One from Athens, Greece. That was the center of this Mycenaean culture and is the location of the Mycenaean Acropolis. Since he displays the remains of the fortified citadel, its famous Lion’s Gate, in addition to the Grave Circle tour by means of this settlement with David. A cemetery of imperial ….  Read More

Dishes You Have To Attempt in Meteora, Greece

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Meteora, Greece is an interesting place in Thessaly famous for orthodox monasteries, the otherworldly rock formations , jaw-dropping vistas, along with charming villages. What you may not know is that Meteora additionally boasts delicious mountain cuisine — hearty main courses (stews, pies, and casseroles) which are quite different from your lighter seafood dishes which are ….  Read More