Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

Within this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we have talk with the blogger Jeremy Foster, photograpaher, and also former cocktail bartender! We talk what sparked his love of traveling his period has helped him in his adventures. Check the advice he’s for travellers out and find out where he’s headed next!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

I began traveling in 2010, approximately eight months out of school. My decision to travel was much but rather out of necessity. It occurred to me that, in case the U.S. was using a financial disaster, I must go to a country which wasn’t! I got a ticket into Australia, and after two months of traveling up the coast, my passion for traveling had been sparked. I’ve been on the road.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

How are you traveling in any given year? Which are the sorts?

I am imagining I am on the street about 50% of the year, although I have not done the math. I am trying to whittle it down. After nine years a nomad, I am prepared for just a little bit more firmness.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

Your home city is Boston. What makes Boston a spot for individuals to visit? What would you indicate tourists do if they move there?

Boston is an awesome city of architecture, culture, fantastic nightlife and horrible drivers. Harvard Square and Fanueil Hall are two of my favourite areas, although honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve been back to Boston.

You invested a substantial amount of time employed as a cocktail bartender. What were you taught by that work about travel and the planet?

I discovered that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. As an expat bartender, I rushed into sailors who taught me about the world, travelers, and other expats. Bartending is similar to a fast track. Once behind the pub, I learned a lot about a city and made friends. You get to know a city to a deeper level, plus a whole lot faster than you might in the event you were simply passing through.

You’re TravelFreak’s founder.

Would you tell us a little about it? What’s its goal and how did it come about?

I work running TravelFreak, and I don’t feel like I really get to know the city as intensely as I once did when I see new places. Bartending overseas opened so many avenues for me and it was one of the most improving (and fun!) Experiences of my life.

What do you want audiences learn and to get from the job?

I began TravelFreak in 2011 as a way to maintain my friends and family back home from the loop, and aware of my location. In 2013, once I moved to China for a year, the blog begun to remove. I slid down and took, although there was a learning curve. (If you are considering starting your own travel blog, you can learn how from this post I composed TravelFreak). After three years on the street, I had learned much about both the world and myself, I wished to help other people get out there and have these experiences.

Which are the top 3 destinations you have visited?

Having said that, those experiences were not good ones. When you are on the street, the highs are really high and the highs are really really low. But it was. In essence, I needed to inspire people have a dreadful moment and to move overseas. I desired them to be homesick and lonely, to get their worlds turned upside down, to encounter culture shock and to go broke. These are the kinds of adventures that affect us, and given my own personal transformations, I understood that, if everyone can go through the identical thing, the planet could be a far better location.

How many nations have you visited up to now?

I like the readers of TravelFreak to find themselves and the world about them through travel’s method. They can’t find these things so my objective is to help arm individuals with the tools and knowledge that they should hit the street and expand their own horizons.

Which are the top 3 favourite perfumes?

My favorite places in the world are Vietnam, China and New Zealand.

What’s your favourite traveling film?

I am not to states that are counting –about the amount but instead about the encounter, it is not for me. Having said that, the amount is around 45 or so.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

What’s your favorite airport?

Real Chinese food tops the record, palms down. Second to that would be food followed by Thai food. I’ve got something for Asian cuisine!

Which city had the friendliest people?

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Obviously!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

What’s the ideal way to kill time while traveling?

Changi Airport!

It is like an amusement park for adults.

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your livelihood?

I lived in Wellington, NZ and it holds a very special place in my heart. That’s where I met some of my favourite people, and I still think the Kiwis are some of the funniest .

What’s your bit?


What’s your favourite traveling quotation?

I’ve been to a exotic destinations, but my favourite has to be Southwestern China, from the Yunnan province, on the edge of Tibet.

Where are you headed next?

Go with the flow.

Talk to strangers. Be spontaneous and reckless. Say yes to everything! Life is too short to regret something you never did.


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“In the cathedral of the wild, we expect to observe the most beautiful parts of these reflected back at us.” –Boyd Varty

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

Looks like I’ll be spending the summer in Germany!

Can’t wait!

Jeremy Scott Foster is a traveling photographer, blogger, along with adventurer. He has been traveling the planet for 8 years, asking the difficult questions, and learning about both the world and himself in the process.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jeremy Foster of All TravelFreak

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