VIDEO: Touring Justiniana Prima Empress’ City

David’s Been Here Has Been its tour of Historical sites in Serbia at Justiniana Prima, or”Empress’ Town” from the town of Leskovac.

VIDEO: Touring Justiniana Prima Empress

Considered a day trip option from the city of Nis, Leskovac is only a two-hour drive south.

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David gets together with the only English-speaking guide he could find (Nebojsa”Nebo”) to find the Byzantine ruins of Justiniana Prima situated about 29 kilometers west of Leskovac nestled among lush scenery. Justiniana Prima has been an ancient town. It functioned as the chair of the Archbishop.

VIDEO: Touring Justiniana Prima Empress

The site includes what is left of upper town, the acropolis, lower town, and an enormous basilica. Walking round Justiniana Prima will show town walls, gates, churches, and large bath complex with hypocaust system (heated floors). Justiniana Prima functioned as the religious and administrative centre of Illyricum, a Roman state that surrounded the Balkan Peninsula.

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David shows us parts of unearthed mosaics and also the remains of this public bathroom complex, which has been warmed by an innovative strategy referred to as the hypocaust system where the heat from an oven has been used to heat the floors from underneath, sort of like ancient sub-floor heating. Justiniana Prima is. While the Serbian government sorts out that, you’ll need a guide so that you understand what you are looking at to show you round the different areas. Feel free to get in touch with Mr. Nebojsa Dimitrizevic directly at

VIDEO: Touring Justiniana Prima Empress

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