Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

We have a conversation with Nathalie Basha! We discuss everything sparked her love of travel, a potent story she covered exploring the world is vital that reaffirmed, the goal of The Travel Muse, and a whole lot more. Check out her favorite travel destinations and discover out where her next experiences will take her!

How did your passion for travel get started?

My passion for travel started when my parents first took me in 21 years old — to Paris, Rome, and Greece. My fiancé and I met with at Greece, and after that we went to Tanzania. That annoys it!

Just how are you currently traveling in any given year?

This is dependent upon my work schedule. There was a period of two years each month, in which I had been delivered on a reporting trip. But the firm I worked for as a journalist so that my traveling has slowed down way. All I have is just two trips on the horizon! It is erratic.

Which are the types of places you want to see?

Depends on my mood! I went to Asia for about seven decades straight, so I am on a Europe kick. If I am in the mood for this — cities, jungles, beaches I am able to reunite with whatever. One of my favorite trips of all time (not a work reporting trip, for holiday ) was to the French countryside, where I even stayed at a 17th century chateau. It had been ah-mazing!

What’s the Travel Muse all about, and exactly what makes it unique to all of the other travel articles out there?

The Travel Muse is a narrative account of my own life as a travel writer. I take my audience with me on my professional reporting excursions, trips that are personal, discuss with them my travel inspirations and suggestions, and lessons that I learned along the way. My journey is what is unique — I made the successful leap in 31 years old, and stumbled as a TV reporter that is traditional. There is something in my take. I have been on both sides of the travel journalism sport — as a self indulgent journey vlogger, with a significant company to a on-staff travel journalist.

In your YouTube channel, you discuss a more raw and honest look at the highs and lows of your trip to becoming a travel writer. What’s the most important lesson you removed from your struggle to get to where you are now?

Oh man! So many lessons there. Stay true to yourself, think about yourself, and be super duper clear in your objectives. In case you don’t know exactly what it looks, sounds, feels, smells like you can’t manifest anything. Additionally — ask for the things you want. Because I pitched the job to the company that wanted to hire me as a normal 25, I got my job as a travel journalist. I’ve got a career video on my Youtube page which breaks this down!

You have covered stories including bits about your trip to a women’s prison at Cartagena as well as the dark side of elephant arts, as a travel journalist. Which of your tales has had the largest impact on you and why?

I did a story on the application of it at San Quentin State Prison aided reform a man serving a sentence for murder, and hula dance’s tradition. His title was Upu. I won’t ever forget our interview and the way open and transparent he had been, and how much he respected the culture of hula. It reaffirmed my view since it humanizes everything that exposure to other cultures and mindsets is indeed healing. For this day, the story is one of my favorites.

What do you want viewers to obtain and learn from the work?

I want my work to ignite a desire to find out more. I need a person to see one of my tales and come away wanting to learn, then buy digging to educate themselves. And if this compels them to buy a plane ticket and get firsthand learning experiences about areas, cultures, and other individuals — I have done my job.

Which are the top 3 destinations you have seen?

Easy ???? Spain, Turkey, France! All amazing countries in their own manners.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

Give us a’Top 5′ list for one of the best 3 destinations. Just like a mini-guide or some to-do listing of sorts. It may be anything in your favorite resort, best spot to have lunch, best sightseeing, etc..

I Discuss Spain A LOT on my platforms.

Here are my top 5 tips for Spain:

How many countries have you seen up to now?

I’ve never counted — 30? I care more and less about the amount about the connections I make with this culture. I see way less countries however, have a deeper understanding and spend time.

Which are the top 3 favorite perfumes?

Whatever Middle Eastern (Lebanese food! ) ) , Italian, and Thai…so excellent.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish would you advocate?

Into Michelin starred restaurant Logis de la Cadène, I went Back in Bordeaux, France. It had been absurdly yummy, my friends and I started laughing mid-meal.

What’s your travel movie?

Oh my GOD I have to pick one?! Raiders of the Lost Arc is your ultimate, but I adore Chocolat and Midnight at Paris.

What’s your international airport?

Istanbul is gorgeous, and I had a layover at Doha! Holy purchasing.

Which city had the friendliest people?

Hands down, New Zealand.

Queenstown and Auckland. I really like them.

Who is your travel companion?

My fiance, Evan!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

What’s the ideal method to kill time?

Watching films and reading books. I could not do long haul traveling without them. My kindle is that my lifesaver because I could do both in 1 device.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your livelihood?

Georgia (the country). Whoa, that was an experience! I was so uneducated on that culture and the people before I went there. It’s indeed steeped in culture and background — did you know wine making was created in Georgia? Neither did I, till I met the winemakers and went there.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

What’s your bit of travel suggestions for a person who would like to, or is going to, embark on a lifetime of travel?

Travel is your most enriching experience of your lifetime. Document the hell out of this , but then put down your phone and take it all in. Additionally, remain flexible and practice deep breathing — something WILL fail, and you’re going to have to pivot. Travel is a lesson in figuring out how to roll with the punches.

What are 4 things that you could never travel without?

Great walking sneakers (Clarks consistently makes my preferred ), my Kindle, sleeping pills (lol honest reality ), and my camera. )

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nathalie Basha of The Traveling Muse

What’s your dream destination?

Oh lord. This can be tough to slim down. Dying to perform Morocco, Cuba, Buenos Aires, and the south of France….

What’s your travel quotation?

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then transforms you into a storyteller.” — Ibn Battuta

Where are you headed next?

Hopefully – if all pans out – Jordan and Peru!


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