Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we chat with my buddy, professional cinematographer and experienced world traveler Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels. Check out the way she started her lifetime of travel, and why she loves visiting off the beaten path destinations and discovering hidden gems.


How did your passion for travel begin?

My best buddy in college took a part in a summer study abroad trip and when she shared her experiences with me and came back, I knew I wanted to travel. After saving up for what seemed like forever I booked a two month solo trip — my first trip overseas — no phone or pc. I knew from the minute I touched down this was the lifestyle for me personally.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

Just how many days/weeks are you currently travel in any given calendar year? Which are the kinds of places would you want to see?

I on the street for just two to three weeks home for two or a week. It varies, but now 3/4 of the year ‘m probably traveling.

What is it that you want viewers to gain/ learn in the work posts and films?

I do my very best to share areas people have not heard of prior to or destinations that you would not think to visit first, along with hidden gems, nicely designed boutique and luxury resorts, handmade things, or fantastic food areas in areas at smaller pockets of larger cities or even more famous destinations.

Name your top 3 destinations you have traveled?

I really only wish to share intriguing spaces, individuals, and places (and individuals in places) in order that others can easily seek out extraordinary adventures in areas in their first visit.

Give us a’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations:

Dominica Island in Zermatt, Switzerland, The Garden Route in South Africa, Also the Caribbean

How many countries have you seen so far?

1.  Hike the Wavine Cirque

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

Your top three favorite cuisines?

I have never actually counted until you just asked. 30 countries. And 6 continents.

Favorite restaurant on the planet?

I love all Meals…but my frequented favorites are Mexican (I Adore Oaxacan cuisine), Italian, and Japanese

Your favorite travel movie?

Oishii at Boston — You don”t move for the ambience. You opt for the sushi. It is mind-blowing.

Favourite international airport?

Almost Famous

City using the most friendly folks?


Your favorite?

In the US, New Orleans — I lived in Louisiana are some of the nicest people.

Very best method you kill time?

My Spotify account

What’s the most exotic place your career has taken you?

I love talking to strangers. I am love learning about other people and a person.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

Your best piece?

To Dominica

What are 4 things that you may never travel without?

Photo Credit: Katie Kaizer Photography

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

Do not let the lumps in the road get to you. With travel comes unexpected situations — both good and bad. So to talk take all of them with a grain of salt and you will enjoy the ride more.

Your favorite travel quotation?

Could I choose two? I have a lot of! If I could hop on a plane and go anywhere right now, I would love to explore Reunion Island or even Scotland.

Where to next?

I don’t have one favorite, but I do really like…
“The true voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ? Marcel Proust

You will have to wait and watch. However, it warm I have never ever been before.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels

Building meaningful connections for her customers through filmmaker content , electronic storyteller, and travel specialist Kristen Kellogg has made her lifetime for life in the street. Her Wanderlust Website + Content Creation Agency, Border Free Travels, shares and produces media tied to travel and brand campaigns through photography, film, and engaging lifestyle tales. Content is not only created by her however provides consulting to brands and destinations for campaign concepts , social networking, and electronic advertising which will reach and engage with their desired audience.

Photo Credit: Lacy Colley Yamaoka

Work was Created by kristen for Travel Channel, Rosetta Stone and Thailand Tourism, and her work has been Showcased in a Number of outlets like Yahoo Refinery29, Daily Mail, AFAR, MSN, and Microsoft .

Kristen is currently a Brand Ambassador for Coola Suncare, is from Southern Illinois, has an obsession with cheese, loves talking to strangers (in man and about Instagram), and feels most at home when she is not. By literally running around exploring her own yard, A Nantucket Island resident, even when she is not on the street, she finds inspiration.

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Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristen Kellogg from Border Free Travels